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Imagine RIT

As part of the Imagine RIT festival, the Empire Film Music Ensemble will partner with Wicked Squid Studios to present The Kracauer Experiment. We aim to fuse local experimental musicians with the talents of visual projection artists within the community. By using Wicked Squid's mobile recording studio (RV) in conjunction with a pop-up tent, we will create an intimate, self-contained space to feature performances by some of Rochester's best local bands with live visuals. Additionally, in between sets, The Empire Film Music Ensemble will present films and visual projections by RIT faculty and alum with music played live to picture. The focus will be to create an immersive, interactive experience for Imagine RIT attendees that will engage their senses and invigorate their creativity. Through manipulating the juxtaposition and synchronization of music and projection art, the experiment will introduce the audience to various manifestations of audio visual collaboration. The event will also be multi-tracked by Wicked Squid and filmed by Floated Magazine to share the experiment with audiences online and over the airwaves.

Synthesthesia. Psychoacoustics. Movement. Immerse yourself in the mind altering world of Audio / Visual Synthesis. The Kracauer experiment melds Rochester's fattest grooves with interactive multimedia in our pop-up lab. Your mind and body will slip into an altered state while synthesized waves and light rays pour into your consciousness. This collaboration between Wicked Squid Studios, The Empire Film Music Ensemble, and Floated Magazine will be a multimedia experience you won't wanna miss.

Earlier Event: April 22
Later Event: September 1
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