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On the 22nd of April, the Empire Film Music Ensemble will present Terra. Our vision is to create a multimedia experience that shows the historical development of artistic treatments of nature. We will be focusing on specific periods of the classical music tradition, and in doing so hope to enhance and recontextualize these works through the collaboration between sound and visual components. The concert’s venue, Reformation Lutheran Church, is an ideal space to highlight the harmony of new and old artistic conventions and technologies, all working towards highlighting the rash intoxication of the planet by greed and indifference.

Terra will consist of works by Beethoven, Dvorak, Glass, and Joe Hagan (a current Eastman student), among others. Additionally, the music will be set to various forms of video-oriented, time-based projections created and curated in collaboration with RIT students. By fundraising independently, we will be offering admission to the performance on a donation basis, thus providing the people of Rochester with an artistically diverse and educational experience.

We will also be partnering with “Eastman for Earth” to form a relationship between the ensemble and the organization Seed Folk City Farms. Their work as urban farmers, educators, and employers in Rochester is beneficial in its empowerment of local youth as leaders and health advocates.

In an era when the truth struggles to shine through the fog of misinformation and manipulation, we want to assert that humanities’ exploitations of the environment and their consequences can no longer be belittled, misinterpreted, or recklessly ignored.



Earlier Event: April 23
Later Event: May 6
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