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  • Location and Date subject to change Rochester, NY (map)
Photo by Rose Hegele

Photo by Rose Hegele

Premiered in February 2015, H is an hour-long multimedia performance piece inspired by the structure of the universe, as understood through the lens of modern physics and cosmology.   Histories is a more focused exploration of two fundamental narratives that make up our reality at vastly separated scales: that of subatomic particles in Fermion Histories, and that of life in Genomic Histories.  Each cycle is based on a movement or movements from the original incarnation of H, extending the motives and themes to tell a more detailed story: from spontaneous symmetry breaking and the moment of creation, to the quantum reality all around us, to the slow heat-death of the universe in a far distant future (Fermion Histories), and from the fundamental essences of life, to the arising of consciousness, to the inevitability and naturalness of death (Genomic Histories).   Each set is reflected by a type of motion - the rendering of crystalline equations that underlie the stories of forces and particles, and the motion of a human body through space – in an exploration of the fractal nature of reality.

Earlier Event: April 17
Spring Series Recording Session
Later Event: April 22